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"Congratulations on your business which provides prompt and efficient service along with the most exceptional skin care products."

Jacqui, VIC

"I've been using Lhami products for a few months now and absolutely love them. I was getting tired of using products filled with nasty chemicals and ingredients that promised the world. With Lhami it's great to know that all products are natural & made here on the Central Coast!! ps. I absolutely love the Peppermint & Lavender Spritz. I use this as my twice daily toner before moisturising. Beautiful!

Bec, NSW

“My Lime & Patchouli Body Lotion and the Tuberose Perfume have been sooo loved through my hospital stays, making me keep my sense of self – so important to my healing. Thanks for making such beautiful products”

Tiff, NSW

"Sweet Dreams roll on has been great to settle my kids before bed on numerous occasions. I have even used it on them to calm their anxiety before they have had to perform at assemblies"

Michelle, TAS

"The deodorant works perfectly, smells divine and no stinging after shaving..love it"

Angela, NSW

The Beauty Balm is a totally brilliant product, thank you! I actually can't believe how well it works (I have used so many foundations in my time) amazing coverage and zero fading or patchiness. Looks exactly the same throughout the day and so natural looking, it's fabulous.

Louise, NSW

Your deodorant is AMAZING. Seriously. It smells divine and works better for me than commercial ones.

Kate, VIC

I received my parcel this morning and had to say how beautiful and what great value the products I ordered are. Thanks again I will be ordering more products soon.

Fiona, SA

I absolutely love the Argan & Rose Oil..in fact I love everything and everyone tells me how great my skin looks!!

Kathy, QLD

All the products are so beautiful, I am loving using them and can't get enough! 

Michelle, NSW

Discovering your products has just been fantastic!  My skin can be challenging as I am in my forties and so have a few lines, yet I still have a combination skin that's prone to oiliness.  I've tried at least half a dozen other organic skin care ranges and they have all left my skin oily or clogged and dull looking. After these previous experiences I'll admit that I felt a little skeptical about using face oils.  After just over a week of using your products my skin feels soft and balanced. So a big thank you...

Bronwen, VIC

The Calming Face Oil is exquisite!  I will be sure to order more!

Michelle, SA

I absolutely love your natural products!  This will be my second bottle of Pomegranate & Rose Nourishing Face Oil. I love the way it makes my skin feel as I am 41. I also purchased the Sandalwood Exfoliating Powder which is amazing! 

Costa, Sydney

I just thought I would let you know that I am in LOVE with the Rose Night Serum - it seriously makes my face feel AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Collette, NSW

I am thrilled to have found your products which have the most amazing scent, texture and energy, and feel truly anointed by using them.

Jennifer, Woolongong

I have been using Lhami consistently on my face for just over a week now. I have to say my skin is looking beautiful. It feels so soft and supple and is just glowing. I love wearing make up but am finding I am needing less make up than usual as my skin just sparkles. If you haven't tried Lhami yet.....do yourself a favour.

Karen, Central Coast

I just wanted to say thankyou for your beautiful products. I am loving them. My skin feels so soft.

Sara, Gold Coast

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much i love your  products.  They're all so gorgeous, i'm glad i found you.   So far i've loved every single product. 

Lorna, Brisbane

I want to let you know that the cucumber eye gel is fantastic!! I get up, have those little baggy bits under my eyes, do the whole cleansing, moisturising thing. Finish with the cucumber gel and by the time I walk out the door the baggy eyes have miraculously disappeared! Thankyou

Joanne, Perth

I've loved all of your products so far! The pink grapefruit balancing range is a great match for my skin and makes my bathroom smell like a day spa! And then my weekly ritual of the sandalwood exfoliating powder followed by the hydrating serum and calming face oil makes my skin feel super smooth. Love it!

Lisa, Avoca Beach

I have been using the Nourishing Face Oil for the last 4 weeks.  My skin has been soft, supple and free of acne since using this in combination Calming Cleansing Milk. I have very sensitive skin, however the Lhami products have not caused any problems.

Emily, Victoria

All the products are amazing! I especially love the Nourishing Face Cream! The consistency is beautiful:)

Beatrix, Shell Cove

Your products are just beautiful. During winter my skin is usually very dry and uncomfortable. I have been using the Nourishing Face Oil. It smells divine and is quickly absorbed into my skin so it doesn't feel oily. The rehydration last through the day as well.

Joanne, Lisarow

My fave product is the Calming Face Oil. My skin is very dry and this oil just sinks right in and feels so smooth and alive again. I use it every night. My 2nd fave is the Nourishing Face Cream.

Karen, Newcastle

I absolutely love the lime & patchouli hand and body lotion.  It's my favourite among many others - so smooth, refreshing & leaves my skin well moisturised and feeling blissful! Really is divine!

Sarah, Tasmania

My favourite product is the sandalwood and orange perfume.  I always have to have a little bottle handy - it's refreshing and grounding, the best concoction! I love that it’s natural and made in Australia too!

Heidi, Central Coast

I am a mature aged lady and have very dry skin due to medical conditions. I found your Pomegranate & Rose Hydrating Serum absolutely wonderful. It is smooth and glides onto my skin and dries immediately leaving no stickiness ! And the smell is wonderful. Also your Rose & Chamomile Cleansing Milk and Nourishing Face Oil. Best products ever! I am also unable to wear commercial perfumes so your roll on perfumes are perfect for me and often get commented on. Keep up with your great products and hope you are successful beyond your wildest dreams...

Kerrie, Qld

I love all your productsl! The wattleseed exfoliating scrub is my favourite in terms of 1. Amazing on my skin and 2. I seriously want to eat it because it smells so good! Other faves are rose and pomegranate hydrating serum and Calming face oil. Your products are pure alchemy , I love them

Nicole, Gold Coast

I love the Wattleseed Exfoliating Cream, I can't resist that chocolately smell

Kylie, Uki

I love the nourishing face cream it's so beautiful & light. I have very sensitive skin and am very selective about face creams but this product is amazing.... no redness or irritation at all. Just soft beautiful skin.

Lynn, Perth

I am loving all of the products that I have bought. Not only do they smell beautiful but they feel so light on my skin. I love the skin salve, I use it on my lips everyday. The cucumber eye gel is cooling and fresh. I combine the calming  face oil with the pomegranate and rose hydrating serum every morning under the nourishing face cream. My skin feels so soft and smooth.

Silver, Toowoomba

I love the Pink Grapefruit Balancing Face Oil, My face has never felt and looked to supple and refreshed!!! I use it every night, love it.

Sam, Perth

I adore your calming face oil. It's the only beauty product I've ever used religiously, so effective and lovely. The eye cream is also just divine!

Sarah, Copacabana

Your range not only looks great but performs brilliantly, my skin just glows!

Kathy, Sydney

I absolutely love all your products as you can probably tell from my orders! I use the balm every day on myself and my two 16 month old grandkids.

Michele, Swansea

I am absolutely loving the Nourishing Face Cream. Have never come across anything like it. 6 mths after using it, I get so many comments about my skin glowing! Thanks!

Ange, Melbourne

I just wanted to say thanks for making such wonderful products!  The skin on my face has perked up since using your moisturisers, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the body oil. The Perfumes are all wonderful!

Maria, Gold Coast

The Calendula Balm is amazing – I use it for everything. Has transformed my feet!

Rex, Horsfield Bay

I bought a Face Pack and I am in love with it all! I can't wait to extend my collection of Lhami products and get my husband to use them too. Thank you so much.

Lauren, Newcastle

I really love your products, I am really not usually a cosmetics girl so it is really nice to find something I actually want to put on my body.

Kylie, Matcham

WOW! Double WOW!  The Peppermint & Lime Body Scrub is fantastic.

Glenbo, Qld

Thank goodness for Lhami Face Cream. Such a wonderful rich, fragrant & effective moisturiser that has relegated ALL of my previous lotions & potions to the very back of the bathroom cupboard. Simplicity is where it's at! Yay!

Lucy, NZ

Thank you so much for your gorgeous Lhami Products, they are really, really lovely! They smell awesome, and the creams and lotions feel great too. Skin says YUM.

Cate, MacMasters Beach.

Bought your Lime and Patchouli Body Scrub and Lemon Myrtle Body Lotion - GORGEOUS!!! Can't wait to try some other products!

Kathy, Central Coast

I absolutely love the Peppermint & Lime Body Scrub.This product is amazing,my skin feels beautiful,thankyou so much.I have got my girlfriends all excited about it can’t wait to share with them.

Jane, North Avoca

Divine! My skin feels so clean, love it! I will recommend to my family and friends. thank you so much!

Suzan, Sydney

I bought your Pomegranate and Rose Hydrating Serum and love it so much that I'd like to order some more to give my mum to try.

Renee, Avoca Beach

Natalie- You have brightened my day!! I just adore your products! thankyou so much! ! I Love love love all of your perfumes... i actually cant pick which one is my favourite, they are divine! Thankyou so much!

Anita, ACT

Natalie just a short note to say thank you for your beautiful products. I have been using them for my clients with Soul Temple and over the past 4 weeks I have taken my own advice and taken care of my skin using your products. I cannot believe the difference around my eyes and neck. Lines are disappearing and my skin is no longer dry and dehydrated. I actually look forward to a skin regime every morning and night now.

Belle, Hunter Valley

I love the Lhami products!  The Facial Cream is beautiful, feels great on my skin, smells delicious and a little really does go a long way.  I feel moisturised all day.  The Body Lotion is fabulous and I love putting it on at the end of the day, it relaxes me and makes me smell lovely.  The fact that the Lhami products are all natural and so economical makes them even better.  

Jacqui, Newcastle

I got my package in the mail today and it is divine! My skin feels so clean, yet so moisturised after using the Cleansing Milk and Wattleseed Scrub! You can expect repeat business from me for sure!

Emma, Sydney

The Wattleseed Exfoliating Cream is so divine! I am kind of tempted to taste it because it smells so yummy...

Nicole, Miami

Lhami products are fabulous, my whole family use them, they feel so beautiful on my skin. I love the fact that they are all natural and they smell so great

Kirsty, Central Coast

I just LOVE your Lhami skincare products. Totally the best. Highly recommended. Well done.

Nina, Macmasters Beach

I’ve just received my order.  Both the serum and face oil are just gorgeous.  Once again, thank you – I’m loving it so far.

Diana, Newcastle

Thank you for sharing your talent for creating beautiful products. At the Olive Tree markets on Saturday I was entranced by the scents in the products. I took home some pink French clay, serum and face oil. I was genuinely amazed at the immediate result of the clay on my skill. It felt firmer and softer. I'm not sure how often to use it but I am addicted. The creams leave my skin glowing. I'm looking forward to seeing some longer term results.

Kathryn, Lake Munmorah

I recently received an order from you (which was very prompt)!, so thank you for that. I just wanted to say I love the Lhami products and the face cream sample you added to the order is divine, so when it is finished I will definitely order some. Warm regards from a very happy customer.

Karon, Victoria

I can't believe how effective the deodorant is.  I have been looking for years for one as good as this without aluminium in it.  All the others leave you with a body odour smell, but Lhami works a dream.  Additionally, the Nourishing Face Cream is working wonders. I'm a convert. 

Carolyn, Newcastle

Just emailing you to let you know that I LOVE these products. Can't wait to try them all. I know what I'll be buying for my family for Xmas this year, will have them all hooked as well. 

Lisa, Qld

I just wanted to let you know that I am spreading the word here at how fabulous your products are. My daughter who is 16 has mild acne and your face products have improved her skin so much. Also I had been trying to get her off the harmful deodorants and yours is the only one that she likes. Thankyou so much for making such beautiful products.

Melissa, QLD

I was lucky enough to be given a beautiful Lhami gift pack when my baby girl was born. When she was a month old I noticed a dry skin rash on her brow and temples (I now know this to be cradle cap). I smoothed on Calendula Baby Oil and to my delight I could see the rash disappear within a couple hours. Since then, I use the oil as part of our daily routine after bath time. She no longer gets dry skin on the brow or behind the ears and it’s greatly helped reduce unsightly cradle cap on her head. I really recommend it, it‘s gentle, organic and nourishing for my baby‘s pure skin.  Happy Mum!

K Laurenson, New Zealand

I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying using your products. They are a delight to use- so light yet luxurious.  Thanks for your generosity with the samples.

Amy, Umina Beach

Hi Natalie, just wanted to send you a big thank you for the freebies you always pop into my packages and especially today's very generous addition of your beautiful serum. I just tried mixing the oil and serum and I love the feel of it. Love the products - I've been taking them slowly as i have sensitive skin and love the fact that they are totally natural - just beautiful.

Robyn , Toowoomba

I've lost count of how many people have commented recently on my skin. In some ways (though I adore your products), I can't quite believe there would be a noticeable outward difference, but there obviously is, because I eat and drink just the same!

Vanessa, Terrigal

Thanks for the prompt delivery (once again) for my order.  The jar of the eye serum is fantastic. Just wanted to thank you for the sample of wild rosehip oil. It is great on my face (no acne breakout) and smells glorious. I will definitely get some with my next order.  I don’t know if you get any feedback about your Arnica and rosemary massage oil, but I suffer from osteoarthritis which is why I ordered it. I have been using it for the past week, and it is the first oil/cream (of which there have been multitudes)I have tried that actually gives relief to my feet, elbows and fingers, so THANK YOU!!!!!

Karon, Victoria

I have been using Lhami for the past month and the results were evident within hours! I live in a very dry climate and FINALLY i have found a face cream that keeps my face hydrated and comfortable all day long. No need to re-apply. Over the years i have used many different skincare ranges and Lhami manages to tick all the boxes - effective, quality organic ingredients and very affordable. Yay!

Lucy, New Zealand

The girls at work are asking if I’ve had a facelift! I just tell them my secret is Lhami.

Judy, Canberra

Hi Natalie, just to let you know I received your beautiful Lhami products on Friday - they are wonderful! I am using the face lotion and it smells sooo good (plus moisturises well), and the lip balm is really nice too.

Kylie, Phegans Bay

I ordered some of your products late last year and when they arrived there was a beautiful note from you and a couple of additional products because I had to wait for a few days for them to arrive.  You are very generous and I thank you.  I can't believe how effective the deodorant is.  I have been looking for years for one as good as this without aluminium in it.  All the others leave you with a body odour smell, but Lhami works a dream.  Additionally, the facial cream is working wonders. I'm a convert.

Carolyn, Newcastle

Hi Natalie, Just emailing you to let you know that I LOVE these products. Can't wait to try them all. I know what I'll be buying for my family for Xmas this year, will have them all hooked as well. I can't believe how good my skin feels, finally a product that works at an affordable price.

Lisa, Gosford


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