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Make Your Own Jelly in 5 minutes


Making my own jelly with organic gelatin has opened up a whole world of options! Everyone loves jelly. But did you know that organic gelatin powder (not the awful supermarket stuff) is amazingly good for you?


Anti-inflammatory, protein rich & gut healing. The buzz words in natural health circles and all vital for clear glowing skin. Here’s the basic recipe – you can be as creative as you like with flavours. 


5 tsp gelatin powder* + ¼ cup (125ml) cold water

500ml liquid eg. coffee, natural cordials, juice. 


1. Mix the gelatin powder with the ¼ cup of cold water to ‘bloom’.

2. It will go gluggy.

3. Heat up your 500ml of liquid to really hot but not boiling.

4. Mix it into the gelatine goo until it’s dissolved then pour into moulds/pyrex bowl.

5. Refrigerate until set (a couple of hours)

*I use Nutra Organics Gelatin, you can buy it online.

You could try…

- Cucumber, Mint & Lime cordial (from Coles!) jelly served with finger lime. Sweet, tart and delicious!

- The one in the photo is elderflower cordial jelly with natural yogurt, frozen berries & cacao nibs

- Lemon jelly with yoghurt & granola. Excellent for breakfast.

- My friend even made Gin & Tonic Jellies!

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