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Buff Up for super smooth skin


Mid winter is the BEST time to exfoliate top to toe to soften and smooth your skin.

Scoop up a handful of the deliciously creamy and fragrant Coffee Cream Body Scrub, and rub all over your body in the shower. If you wax or shave this is a fantastic treatment the day before & after to prevent ingrown hairs. Check out this great review here.

Coffee Cream Body Scrub

Transform your face with a Sandalwood Exfoliating Powder treatment. This is one of my best sellers, once you try it there’s no turning back! Mix a teaspoon of the powder to a paste in your palm with a few drops of water, then massage gently all over your face (avoid the eye area). Make sure you really focus on the nose & chin as these are generally the areas that get a buildup of oil.

Sandalwood Exfoliating Powder

Once you’re all done and your face and body are smooth and toned, don’t forget to lather on the moisturiser, it soaks in extra well after a full body exfoliation.

Your skin will love you for it!

Winter Skincare

Are you finding your skin is really dehydrated at the moment?I seem to spend all day putting on lipbalm and handcream, trying to compensate for the dry air from having a fire going 24 hours a day.  Misting with a natural room spray helps keep some moisture in the air. It’s easy to make your [...]

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