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Spicy Thai Style Pumpkin Soup


Spicy and delicious! Great way to use up that half a pumpkin that's been in the fridge for weeks..

You need:

1 chopped onion

4cm grated ginger

1-3 chopped chillies

handful of fresh coriander

1/2 kg roughly chopped pumpkin

1 chopped carrot

1 Tbsp butter & extra oil for sauteeing

500g vege stock

2 Tbsp red curry paste (Ayam is good)

165g tin coconut milk

1 Tbsp fish sauce

1 Tbsp sugar (I use rapadura)

Optional - king prawns


Saute onion, ginger, chilli and corinader for a couple of minutes in butter & oil.

Add the rest of the ingredients.

Simmer for 20 minutes.

Blend until smooth.

Garnish with chilli, coriander and pepper.

Extra good with a handful of fresh king prawns added at the end (after blending) and cooked for about 5 minutes!

Spinach Gnocchi with Basil Oil (or Burnt Butter Basil Sauce)

A surprisingly easy to make vegetarian meal. I made it with the Basil Oil then my son Gabe elbowed me out of the way to whip up some burnt butter sauce with crispy basil. Both options here!Ingredients100g baby spinach375g ricotta (drained of excess whey)3 egg yolks30g grated fresh parmesan120g plain floursalt and pepperBasil Oil1/2 cup [...]

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