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Salted Caramel Chews


Ultra yummy and so good for you with protein, iron, zinc, B6, magnesium, silica and antioxidants. A sweet treat without any refined sugar.


15 pitted Medjool Dates

1 Tbsp nut butter (I love Mayvers Super Spread)

Pinch of sea salt

100g Good quality dark chocolate (I use Alter Eco Dark Velvet)


1. Soak dates for an hour in water then drain

2. Process in a Thermomix or food processor with the nut butter and salt until it's a sticky mix

3. Put mix in freezer for 15 minutes (makes it easier to roll into balls)

4. Melt the chocolate 

5. Roll the date mix into balls then dip in the melted chocolate

6. Store in the freezer in a container lined with baking paper to stop them sticking

Potato and Leek Soup

Classic winter warmer, so fast and easy to make!Ingredients:1 onion2 garlic cloves1 leek (white part only)3 large potatoes750ml stock (vege or chicken or bone broth)1/2 cup cream (or milk)See below for topping/sides options!Method:1.Chop onion, garlic & leek then sauté in a saucepan in oil (and/or butter) for a few minutes2.Add diced potato & stock, simmer for 20 minutes3.Add cream [...]

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Butter Chicken and Turmeric Rice

This is one of my youngest son Gabe's favourites. The ingredients list looks rather long but it's actually pretty fast to make if you have all the dried spices in your cupboard.  Marinade:500g organic chicken thighs1 Tbsp Greek yoghurt2 Tbsp lemon juice1 tspn garam masala1 tsp chili powderPinch salt1 tsp sugarSauce:1 onion3 [...]

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