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Aromatic Reed Diffusers are here!


Did you know that practically all the reed diffusers on the market – even the ones claiming to be natural, or made using some essential oil – contain artificial fragrance. (Probably because it’s sooo expensive to make them using pure oils!) 

So I have created a range of Aromatic Reed Diffusers, made with 100% pure essential oils – no artificial fragrances whatsoever – and thick rattan reeds to enhance the scent throw.

After much fragrant experimentation, and a different diffuser blend in every room of the house - here are the final four!

Pink Grapefruit & Geranium A beautiful & uplifting garden fresh blend of citrus & herbs – fresh lemon, bergamot & grapefruit balanced with herbal base notes of rosemary & geranium. I love this blend in the bathroom.

Lavandin Crisp and clear, pure French lavandin oil is a wonderful oil for purifying the air and the mind! I have this in my work space. It seems to energise and calm simultaneously. Lavandin is a variety of lavender which is more crisp & uplifting and less sweet than regular lavender. Its chemical composition makes it a more powerful anti-bacterial oil than lavender as well, and I much prefer it as a room scent.

Peppermint & Lime Detoxifying and head clearing, a powerful and fresh blend with lemon myrtle, peppermint, lime & patchouli. Great for bathrooms and toilets - this is life saver in the loo if you have boys!!

Ylang Ylang & Jasmine Perfect bedroom blend. Beautifully relaxing and grounding, with a hint of patchouli, orange blossom and vanilla to balance the blend. These sensual oils are also known for their aphrodisiac qualities. 

I had many other blends in mind, however some oils just didn't work as the molecules were too light and the fragrance disappeared - like Lemon & Vanilla, and a pure citrus blend.  I would have loved to do a sandalwood option, but that would have cost about $600 in oil per diffuser!

Refills are available so you can keep your diffuser freshly topped up.  

Make your daily rituals moments to savour...


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